Why I Deserve Your Vote


  • A councilmember makes better decisions for the good of the city when they prepare for meetings by reading background material beforehand. I am committed to doing all necessary preparation to be well informed before any vote, and that is exactly what I have done while serving on the parks board.  It is not enough to simply show up to meetings and vote, a councilmember should pay full attention to presentations, do background research working with city staff and citizens to ensure the best possible outcome for all citizens.
  • League City exists beyond the box contained within 270, Hobbs Rd, 518 and 96.  While taking care of downtown League City is a must for preserving the small-town charm, we need to ensure that the rest of League City is not forgotten.  I am fully aware that League City exists beyond the 77573 zip code, and will not let Bay Colony, the west side, the far east, and the parts of League City that aren’t in Galveston County be forgotten.  I will remain committed to ensuring the future of League City, our capital improvement projects and parks development are distributed to the best benefit of all of League City
  • I am committed to preserving the small-town charm of League City while working to encourage economic development to attract the type of businesses that will bring good jobs and a sustainable future to the city that is less reliant upon residential property taxes. This can be accomplished by protecting the elements of League City which already attracted so many residents, from the gorgeous oak trees to the well-maintained neighborhoods and phenomenal parks and recreational programming available.  Quality employers seeking new locations desire cities that provide a high quality of life for their employees as it makes it easier to attract high quality employees.  By eliminating bureaucratic delays in the development process, ensuring a fair and balanced economic development incentive program, and improved zoning, good businesses will be drawn to League City instead of surrounding communities if we maintain and improve on the high quality of life available in League City.


  • Government doesn’t always provide the best solution to any problem, often these come from the citizens and local business owners. I will work to improve communication between the city, local businesses, and citizens to seek out the best possible solutions to all issues facing the city.
  • The merit of an idea is independent of the source. My vote will not be determined by who put forth the idea.  I will vote for what I consider to be in the best interests of the residents of League City.
  • Many issues facing the city today will require cooperation with surrounding communities. Drainage and traffic improvements will require cooperation with neighboring cities, the county, the state, and the federal government.  Working out solutions to these issues will require some give and take, and I have experience in negotiating complex issues to find mutually beneficial solutions with partners that do not always share the same priorities.


  • I believe that decisions must be made based on solid rationale. Any expense, any change in ordinance, should be accompanied by a statement of rationale.  This leads to sound decisions and fair requirements.
  • My initial beliefs or positions will not always be right. I know this, and as such, will listen to those who disagree, and will be willing to change my position when presented with a reasonable fact-based alternative.  Our council has too often had people who enter into decisions with their position already determined based on old information, political considerations, or personal interests.  I will not do this.
  • I do not believe in knee-jerk reactions to problems of the moment. Our city cannot afford to continue to operate by putting out fires.  We must have long-term plans that we stick to, we must continue a multi-threaded process of improvement and work to improve all aspects of the city.  When we become derailed by the current hot topic, we often lose a lot of time, effort, and money, that have already been invested in on-going projects.  To be able to address hot-topic issues, we need to ensure budgets are developed which have margin to accommodate changes without giving up the on-going projects.