I was not fortunate enough to grow up in League City (my dad was military and we moved around a lot); however, I was blessed with the opportunity to make my first home purchased with my wife in Bay Colony in League City.  As we were getting married and considering our first house together, we wanted a community with the convenience to our favorite restaurants and grocery stores.  We planned to have kids, so we wanted a community with great youth sports programs and great schools.  And we wanted a location with a reasonable commute to our work.  When we wanted more garage space (maintaining your own lawn, and attempting to be as handy as your dad and grandfather means you need a lot of storage space for tools!) we picked another house in League City because we knew we couldn’t leave this town.  Our kids play year-round in League City Parks and Rec sports programs, and the schools are unbeatable.  After living in this city for the last 12 years, I’ve become more interested in local government and believe a committed voice of reason is needed to help ensure this city continues to improve, and I can be that voice.

I want to make sure that my kids are growing up in a city of which we can all continue to be proud.  I’ve put down my roots here, and I want to preserve everything that attracted us to this city.  We must maintain our small-town charm, but we must also ensure that we have a future which does not rely so heavily on residential property taxes.  We need to streamline city processes, eliminate redundancy, and simplify ordinances so that businesses are attracted to League City.  Incentive programs to attract businesses can work wonders, but we must do a better job of ensuring taxpayers benefit and not just businesses.  With clearly defined processes, we can ensure a just and equitable economic development program which does not lead to cronyism, but will lead to the creation of good jobs in this city and additional convenience for existing residents.

My background enables me to contribute to this improvement process for League City.  As a systems engineer at NASA,  I’ve had to balance the priorities of groups of people with often very different needs to work on sound solutions to complex problems, including working negotiations with international partners to find solutions that benefited both partners.  As a homeowner with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and student loan payments, I’ve gained plenty of experience managing a budget and can fully appreciate the burden of property taxes, and will work to ensure the city is operating within its means, always with an eye towards saving money.  That being said, I’ve witnessed firsthand the value that quality employees contribute to an organization.  Our city must focus on attracting and, more importantly, retaining quality employees, and I will make this a top priority.  Council-members will come and go, and the needs of our city may change, but if we have a good, optimized, and simplified set of well-defined processes and policies, the city staff and civil servants are the ones who will ensure an outstanding future for League City.